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Software for Asset Management, RFID, Windows, Web and Mobile Devices.

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Professional and Award Winning Application Software - Windows, Web, RFID, Web and Mobile Solutions. Thousands of systems in use. A Company with almost 30 years of implementation experience.
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To experience the latest in Asset Management Software, please visit where you can view online information, view demonstrations or request marketing materials
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TVL has been providing solutions to thousands of customers, based on our knowledge of Auto ID Technologies including bar code and Radio Frequency Identification , RFID

Welcome to TVL Inc., Award Winning Developers of Application Software using RFID (RFID - Radio Frequency Identification), and bar code technologies, for Asset Tracking. With thousands of systems in use, TVL focus remains on building best of class application software for tracking and management of assets. WiseTrack Software helps with Enterprise Asset Intelligence (EAI) by directly capturing asset details and updates as assets and equipment go through various lifecycle stages.

Asset Management & Asset Tracking Software and Solutions with RFID and Bar Code

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking software

WiseTrack Software continues to drive bottom line savings of time and expenses with the latest Software Suite. Discover new asset management features, for Web, Mobile Software Solutions, Database integration, Radio Frequency Identification.

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To experience the latest in Asset Management Software, please visit where you can view online information, view demonstrations or request marketing materials

TVL Inc. is an Application Software Development Company, which maximizes the use of tracking technology; such as, bar code and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) within its applications. We specialize in developing software solutions for Asset Tracking & Managemt. Our primary product brands and services include WiseTrack Software- Asset Tracking and Asset Management Software

TVL is a privately held mid-sized company with its head office located in North Vancouver.

"Voted as Technology Company to watch for in 2000"
Pacific Press

"A Labor of love... Coolest Places to Work contest includes TVL Inc. as Finalist"
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Our Mission/Vision

Develop best-of-class application software specializing in tracking technology.

Our Culture

It all starts by having talented and dedicated staff who focus on company-wide goals. Our Leadership Focus is making sure the right people are in the right jobs, doing the right stuff. Essentially, it's about finding natural abilities and making sure the job role is perfectly aligned. In addition to the "right people", on the last Thursday of each month TVL holds its IMF (Impossible Mission Force) staff meetings to discuss company issues, goals and departmental agendas. The culture is about flexibility, interaction and emphasis on constant creativity and innovation.

Every Friday (weather permitting), those who are interested joing in for Friday Soccer. We have a grass field a few blocks from our office and we end the week with exercise and teamwork.

Software Project Management: Each new product we develop is named after Ski Mountains around the world. Some of our past application code names include: Whistler, Silver Star, Aspen, Jimmy's Joker, Kicking Horse, Blackcomb, Cypress. Our latest applications include Apex and K2 with Big Sky in the pipeline.