I can’t access my customer accounts by any means, how can I get them back?


If you cannot retrieve the customer records after rebuilding the indexes (from the Main Menu, select C-1-E choose Rebuild) your customer.dat file may be damaged.

From the Main Menu select C-6. If you notice that your Customer Numbers range reads something like -1 to -1853935 your customer file has become corrupted. There is a way to chop out the corrupted data from the file using the CCHOP utility in the VIDEO directory.

Please have all stations exit the program and perform the recovery on the File Server or Main Rapid Rental computer.

**Be sure you have a backup prior to following this procedure:**

You will need to know or have a good idea what the last legitimate Customer Number was in the database. If you do not know, you can use a number such as 99,000 as it is unlikely that you have that many customers. Then at that point you can run a report to isolate the exact last customer entry and chop off 1 number above that.

Windows 98 Users:
Click Start – Programs – MS DOS Prompt
Now type the following and press Enter after each line:

Windows 2000/XP Users:
Click Start – All Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt
Now type the following and press Enter after each line:

BOTH Users:
Choose C for Customers, then Y for Yes.
Type a number 1 above the last legitimate customer number. **This is not asking for the Customer Code – it is asking for the Customer Number – the number the software assigns automatically that you cannot alter).
If you do not know at all what the last Customer Number was, type in 99000. It will finish processing and then it will put you back at the C:\VIDEO prompt.
Type ‘video’ and press enter. From the Main Menu, select C-1-E, choose Rebuild.

If you managed to get the chop correct in that you knew the last customer number then you are finished the repair and can use the program as you normally would.

If you had to enter 99,000 as a value to chop at because you did not know what your last legitimate customer number was, you will need to follow a few more steps. From the Main Menu in Rapid Rental, select 2,1, press F7 for Customer #. Try to narrow down to last valid number – perhaps start your search at 50000, if invalid, try 75000, if invalid try 25000 etc until you find the last legitimate customer number. Once you have that number you can return to the Main Menu then Exit to Dos. Run CCHOP again, Choose C for Customers, then Y for Yes. Now enter 1 number above the last known legitimate customer. For instance, if the last legitimate Customer # was 2000, you would type in 2001 and press Enter. Once it is finished, type VIDEO and press Enter. Then from the Main Menu, press C-1-E and choose Rebuild. Now you should be able to pull up customers, and the next customer you add will be in proper sequence.