Why can’t I see any Customer Rental History?


In time your customer rental history might disappear. This is because as you accumulate more transactions into the program, the program may place some of them out of sequence. To rectify this problem, run the SPEEDUP.EXE utility program.

First make sure that none of your computers are running the Rapid Rental Program – they should all be at the DOS prompt or CLOSE the program and exit back to the Windows Desktop.

Exit to the MS-Dos Prompt, go to the VIDEO folder, and type SPEEDUP and press enter to run the program.

You will be given 2 options – a) Speedup the transaction file or b) Speedup the late file.

You should run each option once. Speeding the transaction file may take several minutes depending upon how many transaction you have.

Please make sure your SPEEDUP.EXE file is up to date or this procedure may not work.