Why don’t all of my movies show up on my late list, or my B-6, or any of my other reports?


Rapid Rental only counts movies that are marked with your store number. If a movie doesn’t have your store number on it or doesn’t have a store number at all, the computer assumes that it is not part of your inventory. To correct this go to C-C-7 (check for your store number in option 3.) Then from Main Menu, try running a C-5-7-8 (Manager Access Code required). The computer will prompt you to enter a value to insert into the in-store field, enter your store number (3 digits eg. 061 or 324) this will enter your store number into all of the movies.

Rapid Rental only counts movies that are fully defined with a valid category and type. From Main Menu 2-2-9 (list all undefined movies), go into Main Menu option #3 (change movies) and correct the CATEGORY or the TYPE field (or both).