Which files do the file numbers correspond to?


1 MOVIES.DAT Contains all basic movie information.
2 CUSTOMER.DAT Contains all basic customer information.
3 TRANSACT.DAT Contains individual transactions generated through daily rentals and sales.
4 RESERVE.DAT Contains all reservation information for items reserved for customers.
5 DTRANS.DAT Contains today’s detailed transaction information.
6 DAILY.DAT Contains daily totals information.
7 EXTRAMOV.DAT Contains all extra movie information for items.
8 DLRMOVS.DAT Information on items that are currently out to dealers.
9 COMMENTS.DAT Contains all of the comments for your customer database.
10 DELMOVS.DAT Information on items that have been deleted from the regular MOVIES.DAT database.
11 RUSERS.DAT Contains security information for Rapid Rental.
12 LATES.DAT Information on items that were returned late but have not been paid for yet.