Why do my rental revenue and sales revenue not add up to the TOTAL REVENUE on my Daily Cash Summary?


If a rental or sale item is not fully defined (category and type) then the computer can’t determine which category to place the revenue into, which in turn, causes the totals to not add up correctly. (The totals will be correct, but the rentals and the sales will not add up to match the daily pre-tax revenue). To correct this problem you should print a 2-2-9 (list all undefined movies), go into Main Menu option #3 (change movies) and correct the CATEGORY or the TYPE field (or both). Then print a 2-2-B (list all sale items) and look for correct CATEGORY and TYPE definitions, change them also (if required). It would be a good idea to check for undefined items every week or two. (It won’t be a big chore when it is all kept current).