When I try to retrieve a Customer or Item in the Rentout Screen, it says Item not found or Item out of range, or it is incorrect.


The Index files must be rebuilt in order for the program to find information in your database. They must be rebuilt on a regular basis to allow the program to find old items as well as new items just recently entered into the computer. Rebuild the Index files from the Index File Maintenance Menu (MAIN MENU, C-1-E)
or …
Are you retrieving the customer by Customer Number or Customer Code? And are you retrieving the item(movie) by Item(Movie) Number or Item(Movie) Code? Change the Customer Default Access Method (C-C-7-9) and Movie Default Access Method(C-C-7-8) to reflect this.

Customer/Item Numbers are the actual Record Numbers stored in the Rapid Rental Database. When you add a new record into the program, the record is placed at the bottom of the pile. The placement of the records when they are added in the system cannot be changed. For example if you already have 500 customers in the database and you add a new customer, this customer record will be record # 501.

If you are adding records by Customer/Item Codes, these codes can be placed in any order you wish. For example, you may have a set range of New Release Items between 10000 to 20000, and Games are between 50000 to 60000. When you add in a new item or game into the program, you can add them in any order you wish. It is vital that each item is given a Unique Code.
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Check your Customer Offset (MAIN MENU, C-C-9-3) and your Movie Offset MAIN MENU, C-C-9-9). In most cases, these values must be SET to 0 unless you have a special method of adding in and retrieving your items.