Rapid Rental

Rapid Rental POS software End Of Life Notification

Effective immediately, TVL (Rapid Rental) is announcing that the Rapid Rental Apex, Rapid Rental v3.x, Rapid Rental K2 software programs are discontinued and are End of Life. TVL has provided support for Rapid Rental for the past 30 years – and will continue to do so on the following basis:


• Use the Support system below – provided free of charge
• Use a ‘pay-per-one-off’ call system as detailed below.


Please note that we cannot take any direct calls for Rapid Rental unless they have been initiated by this process.

Free Support – Online Help

Paid Support – Real Person

All versions of Rapid Rental will not operate reliably beyond the Windows XP operating system which is EOL since early 2014. Paid support includes an experienced engineer who has experience with Rapid Rental. We will call you back within 4 hours, mostly like within 1 hour.


To obtain paid support, we will need your credit card details. Our payment form is 100% Secure. After payment a form will be displayed for you to describe your issue and TVL Technician will get back to you quickly.

Rapid Rental Support Cycle Policy


As a valued Rapid Rental customer, you have had our commitment to provide you with the highest quality customer service, product support and technologically advanced products. We have always prided ourselves in being the leading manufacturer of point of sale software for the video rental industry, a goal that could not be achieved without customers like you.


Due to the recent trends within the home entertainment industry, a decision was made at TVL to not update the Rapid Rental platform to be compatible with the newer computers’ operating systems. The challenge was justifying new development work on a product with a shrinking customer base due to the shift to the online video market.


In light of this challenge and after careful consideration of the changing times, it is necessary to declare End of Life on all versions of the Rapid Rental software.


As Current customers you can continue using Rapid Rental for as long as you want, however, the ongoing support of the product was ended December 2015. We will continue to offer online support via the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the website and offer a pay-per-use support for access to a network technician or software Engineer employed by TVL.


For all questions concerning this End of Life notice, please contact TVL Customer Service at 800.263.0000 or 604.983.2298.